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LAMP is an acronym used to describe a web architecture in open source world. It describes web application built on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. In general it describes open source operating system, open source web server, open source database server and open source programming language.

In case you wish to develop PHP software proceed here.
  Advantages of LAMP:

Cost : As each layer in the LAMP stack is open source, software project can be implemented with development costs and hardware costs. Thus initial startup costs are cut down significantly. There are various open source projects available in LAMP stack for eg. Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, OS Commerce and many more.

Depending on your requirements we can identify a suitable open source project, customize and deploy the project for you

. This can in effect bring project costs further down.

Scalability : LAMP architecture is horizontally scalable. Each layer in the stack can grow on its own and is loosely coupled with the other. The shared-nothing architecture of PHP where each request is completely distinct and separate from any other request leads to infinite horizontal scalability in the language itself. PHP encourages you to push scalability issues to the layers that require it. It is also easy to maintain and thus to expand.
  Uses and Applications of LAMP stack:
Customer facing web sites:
A vast majority of web 2.0 websites are built on LAMP stack. Large portals are built using LAMP stack.
Some of the typical application are
Social networking portals
Content Management systems
Help / Ticketing system
  A typical web applications consist of above components in various combinations.
Internal corporate applications:
As the initial start up costs are low , LAMP stack is also an ideal choice for internal corporate applications.
For your LAMP requirements and to develop PHP software proceed here.
LAMP team at direction uses open source stack for development. Entire development is on Linux platform considering that applications are to be deployed on Linux servers. Direction has dedicated team and offers offshore development facility to develop PHP sites and provide

customized solutions based on LAMP platform.

We also

customize and deploy open source content management systems like Joomla and Mambo

, Blogging software's like word-press and shopping carts like OSComerce. We provide an end to end solution for large LAMP projects covering software development, implementation and maintenance. We also provide customer support and back office service for these projects.
Direction has recently launched an LAMP project for Inc, Inc is a multilingual online resource for small business that are looking to determine the valuation of their company, find lenders and investors and buy or sell businesses.
For your LAMP requirements proceed here.
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